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Electric Power Conference & Expo 2018 | Mar 19-22

2018 Electric Power Conference & Expo - Visit TurbinePROs at Booth #925!

The annual Electric Power Conference & Expo, hosted by POWER magazine, is in Nashville, TN for the 2018 event. Designed to bring you new ideas to help you generate cleaner energy and new technology solutions to make your facility leaner, better and more responsive to demand! Access the latest products and technologies for safer, more efficient and productive power generation facilities. 

Where: Gaylord Opryland Convention Center  | Nashville, TN

TurbinePROs Field Services Experts | Maintenance, Repairs, Upgrades, Retrofits

Visit TurbinePROs operations and project managers who can answer questions about maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and retrofits for all rotating equipment at your plant. They can help plan outages and management of work to be done. 

This year's conference theme is sure to spark some conversation: Gas Is Dominant. You Got a Problem with That?

Should we worry about the unintended consequences of the rise of gas?

It’s clear that the abundance of natural gas due to hydraulic fracturing has resulted in abundant supplies and low prices. The fuel is less carbon intense than other fossil fuels, and generating technology meets many market demands for flexible power that can handle intermittent renewable resources. But other forms of baseload generation are feeling the pinch with zero-emission nuclear power plants at risk of closure along with coal plants. As a result, every part of the power generation value chain and fuel type—coal, nuclear and even renewables—are impacted: from O&M to plant upgrades, environmental compliance strategies to efficiency improvements, workforce development and new talent deployment. As the power generation sector’s gathering place for 20 years, ELECTRIC POWER is developing a program that considers natural gas from all sides and also shines a light on the unintended consequences of a more gas-focused grid for other forms of power.

Where: Gaylord Opryland Convention Center  | Nashville, TN

Event Website:  Electric Power 2018 

Conference Schedule of Events: Agenda

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