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This new from the ground up nuclear power plant has North America’s first turbines ever set on a gerb spring foundation. Everything from condenser and turbine is set on springs to reduce number of pipe locations, adjustable for alignment, absorbs vibrations, and provides seismic advantages. 

 Vogtle Low Pressure Turbine 2019 08 WCK 1374 SmallTurbinePROs provided all skilled craft labor from 90 different crafts, on-site project manager, safety and quality managers, and onsite machining. Unique procedures and work packages, ITPs and JSAs were developed for the installation of 2 - 1,117 MW Toshiba turbines and ancillary components including 6 LPs, 2 HPs, 2 generators, 2 collectors/exciters, all valves, GERB springs, feed water pump overhaul, Lube Oil Flush Support, Testing Support, Startup Support. And all tooling, consumables, as well as all sole plates and fixators required for turbine installation. 


In addition, TurbinePROs developed installation procedures and ensured stable operating conditions. Our project manager oversaw all receivables, balance of plant in turbine building including pumps and motors installation, alignment, and maintenance.

TurbinePROs was also chosen to provide continued maintenance support.


OEM: Toshiba

Fuel Type: Nuclear

90 Skilled Crafts

1,117 MW

Number of Units: 2

Unique Challenges: 

Everything from the condenser and turbine are set on a GERB spring foundation. This is the first time in North American that a turbine deck and condenser were supported by GERB springs and Viscodamper. 



Safety Award: 400,000 Safe Man-Hours

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