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Committed to the Highest Quality at Every Level

Power and industrial plants demand quality work completed with the highest safety standards. TurbinePROs ensures that on-the-job quality and safety practices are strictly followed during all phases of work with a commitment to quality that is backed by experts who know rotating equipment. We are dedicated to providing continuous education for our team with training on turbines/generator, pumps, compressors, conveyors maintenance, repairs, installation, and retrofits to give you the highest quality and safest services.

What Sets TurbinePROs' Quality Apart

  • Unit-Specific Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs) and Turbine Maintenance Procedures (TMPs)
  • Dedicated, Full-Time Quality Manager
  • TurbinePROs is a ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015 and 26000 compliant company. 
  • Custom Project Quality Plan Created in Conjunction with the Utility or Municipality’s In-House Plan
  • Quality Site Audits Completed by TurbinePROs Quality Manager and/or Supervisor
  • Quality Assurance Procedures include, but not limited to:
    • Non-Conformance Records (NCRs)
    • Corrective Action Requests (CARs)
    • Root Cause Analyses, if needed
  • Parts Replacement Procedures
  • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) Procedures, Including
    • Installing Barriers
    • Labeling Barriers
    • Maintaining FME Log
  • Training & Certification
    • UBC Supervisor Leadership Training, an 18-Month Comprehensive Course
    • Continuous Improvement Training [Classroom and On-Line]
    • See our Safety Certifications

Field Services for Open/Clean/Inspect/Close, Maintenance, New Installation, Repairs & Retrofits

On schedule, high quality field services provides optimum up-time and reduces the potential for emergency repairs.

Field Services

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Field Services

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