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Predictive & Scheduled Maintenance

To minimize downtime of your plant, TurbinePROs provides Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This approach offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted. To do this, we collect data that can be used to indicate potential failure (vibration, temperature, sound, etc.). The data is analyzed to estimate if/when a failure could occur. Recommendations for maintenance activities are provided and can be scheduled to prevent machine failure. By determining the correct level of maintenance, unplanned downtime is minimized and costs associated with a potential plant shutdown are reduced.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

  • Convenient Scheduling of Maintenance & Unexpected Equipment Failures: the right information at the right time - by determining which equipment needs maintenance, the work can be better planned (spare parts, people etc.) and what would have been "unplanned stops" are transformed to shorter and less "planned stops" thus increasing plant availability
  • Increased Equipment Availability and Life
  • Increased Plant Safety
  • Reduce the Chance for Accidents and Negative Impact On Environment
  • Optimised Spare Parts Handling

Preventative Maintenance

If you prefer a proactive approach to maintenance rather than a reactive one, TurbinePROs can help. Our preventative maintenance includes adjustments, replacement, and basic cleanliness that identifies potential machine breakdowns. The condition of a component, measured when the equipment is operating, governs planned/scheduled maintenance. Typical preventive maintenance activities include periodic inspections, condition monitoring, critical item replacements, and calibrations. Preventive maintenance ensures that production quality is maintained and delivery schedules are met - a machine that is well maintained will last longer and cause fewer problems.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:

  • Safety: Preventive maintenance increases the margin of safety by ensuring equipment is in peak running condition. Machinery that is not well-maintained can become a safety hazard.
  • Reduced Cost: preventive maintenance is a cost-effective approach. Maintenance costs decrease as the costs for production losses decreases.
  • Reduced Failures & Breakdowns: Preventive maintenance can reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime, thus enhancing machine efficiency. Downtime can be reduced when preventive maintenance is used to provide warning to maintenance personnel so repairs can be scheduled during planned shutdowns.
  • Extension of Equipment Life: well-maintained equipment lasts longer than ignored equipment.
  • Increased Equipment Reliability: preventive equipment maintenance increases reliability by removing routine and avoidable breakdowns.
  • Enhanced Plant Productivity: by decreasing unexpected machine breakdowns, overall productivity is enhanced.
  • Avoid the Unexpected: decrease surprises with preventive maintenance. Although it does not guarantee elimination of all unexpected downtime, preventative maintenance has proven to eliminate most downtime caused by mechanical failure.
  • Increased service level for your customer
  • Reduced overall maintenance. By not allowing machinery to fall into a state of disrepair, overall maintenance requirements are greatly decreased.

Corrective [Reactive] Maintenance

TurbinePROs provides rapid response to your corrective maintenance needs. In cases of equipment failure, corrective maintenance restores your system/product to a specified condition. TurbinePROs provides failure identification, localization and isolation, disassembly, item removal and replacement or repair in place, reassembly, and checkout and condition verification.

If your equipment is down, we work fast to get your plant back up and running.

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