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UPDATE: TurbinePROs received the Project Excellence Award 2015 by GENERATE, the Clean Energy Association of British Columbia (CEBC). TurbinePROs was chosen for Forrest Kerr, a 195 MW Hydroelectric project in British Columbia, Canada, the largest run-of-the-river power plant in North America to date.

The Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric, 195 megawatt project in B.C. is the largest run-of-the-river power plant in North America to date. TurbinePROs Rotating Equipment Services (R.E.S.) of Vancouver, B.C. was awarded the contract to install nine Andritz hydro turbines. The project is set in a remote area 1,000 km north of Vancouver at the edge of the Iskut River. The work takes place approximately 1 kilometer below ground with approximately 70 millwrights working together.

TurbinePROs R.E. Services was chosen for their expertise in developing procedures for installation, workforce management, and their specialized turbine tools that include a custom 2.5 x 20 m tool container, 2.5 x 3 m rigging container, hydraulic lamina drill, and hydraulic wrench sets. Brad McIntosh of TurbinePROs R.E.Services said: “A project like this takes a lot of specialized tools; it also takes a lot of expert manpower. We worked closely with B.C. business agents to develop the millwright workforce within three 3 weeks of award notice. Over 50 millwrights were brought in from across Canada.”

This run-of-the-river project will capture the immense energy of the river’s natural flow and elevation drop to produce and deliver clean, renewable power. It achieves British Columbia’s goal of energy self-sufficiency by 2016 and producing clean energy in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

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