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During a hydro turbine rehabilitation project, TurbinePROs field services provided a unique solution to an unexpected issue the customer encountered. The issue threatened delay and stoppage of the project. Fabrication & Delivery of 32 Stop Logs: In need of stop logs on site within a few weeks, it was determined that other vendors were either unable to meet the schedule or unable to procure materials.

TurbinePROs offered services, typically outside of the normal scope, and utilized their vendor relationships to procure a fabricator able to meet the time line. The fabricator was able to go direct to the mill to cut logs to specified lengths ultimately saving time, welding, and labour. Phased Fabrication & Delivery Schedule: a 2-lot, phased fabrication and delivery schedule was recommended in order to expedite an initial lot to the site. The solution kept the project on schedule and avoided work stoppage. Workmanship | QA/QC: tight tolerances for parallelism, straightness, and flatness of +/- 1.5mm over 25 ft / 7.62m were required. Venting was incorporated along the 25 ft seam weld.

“TurbinePROs’ support and efforts in the supply of stop logs for the Hull 1 generating station rehabilitation project ensured that the logs were delivered within a very tight time frame to allow the turbine disassembly work to proceed without delay. We could see the attention that was given to confirm fabrication details and the timely communications that kept the fabrication process on schedule.”

Richard Oxton , Project Director | CIMA

Project Details

Provided solution for procurement and fabrication of 32 stop logs in 2 lots to avoid delay and stoppage of turbine rehab project schedule.

Stop Logs: 4,000 lb (1818kg), 7544mm x 305mm x 610mm

Unique Challenge & Benefit

Concerned that lot 1 stop logs lacked proper safety vents for the hot dip galvanizing process, TurbinePROs collaborated with CIMA to field locate 136 vent holes. TurbinePROs & CIMA engineering updated the design of lot 2 stop logs to include vent holes in the fabrication.

 Stop logs 1st batch NDT1 QC Checks die penetrant testing

Solution for Stop Logs | CIMA - continued

Chaudiere Falls Generating Station | Rehabilitation | Ottawa Hydro | Quebec

First lot 13 ready to ship

Lot 1 of a 2-lot, phased fabrication and delivery schedule ready for shipping to the project site. The phased solution avoided work stoppage. 4,000 lb (1818kg), 7544mm x 305mm x 610mm

norcan stop logs TurbinePROs spec recommendationnorcan stop logs vent holes on end platesnorcan stop logs 7 16th vent hole

In collaboration with CIMA engineers and the fabricator, Lot 2 was fabricated to include vents based on TurbinePROs’ specifications.


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